You will find all the necessary information to access the most varied medical treatments and surgical offered by the prestigious Cuban medicine..

Our specialists will offer you adequate advice and guidance on the different medical programs offered by the Cuban Health System, providing the necessary coordination so that your case, or that of a relative, is evaluated in the best specialized institutions and can make decisions for the indicated medical attention.

Most requested medical programs

Plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery

Current Plastic Surgery provides solutions to many physical aspects, not only associated with skin aging, but also congenital or acquired deformities by many patients.

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tratamiento del vitiligo con melagenina plus

Vitiligo Treatment

Treatment for Vitiligo consists of the application of a drug called Melagenina Plus, made from the human placenta which has properties that stimulate the production of melanocytes.

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chequeos médicos

Medical check-ups

Medical check-ups supplemented with different investigations that allow to confirm your good health and that make possible the diagnosis of clinical humoral alterations or diseases that in an early stage have a complete and simple medical solution.

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Tratamiento a las Adicciones

Addiction Treatment

Drug rehabilitation treatment in Cuba is intended to help the addict to stop compulsive seeking and consumption of drugs.

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Cimavax vacuna contra el cáncer de pulmón

Therapeutic vaccine for the treatment lung cancer

CIMAvax EGF ® and Vaxira ® are therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer in advanced stages, capable of prolonging the life of patients.

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vidatox tratamiento alternativo contra el cáncer

Vidatox, alternative cancer treatment

This homeopathic medicine has managed to improve the quality of life and survival of patients as well as pain relief and symptomatic improvement. The use of Vidatox® 30CH avoids the undesirable symptoms caused by cytostatics and radiation that cancer patients are subjected to.

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tratamiento de la psoriasis

Treatment of Psoriasis

Treatment and cure of Psoriasis with the use of Coriodermina , Cuban therapy for the cure of Psoriasis with the use of Placental Histotherapy

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reahabilitación de enfermedades neurológicas

Rehabilitation of neurological diseases

A therapeutic strategy that combines pharmacological, surgical and neuro-rehabilitation methods, which, based on the recovery properties of the Nervous System, make it possible to compensate for existing alterations and stimulate the structural and functional restoration of damaged or diseased nervous activity.

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Tratamiento a la úlcera del pie diabético Heberprot-P

Treatment of diabetic foot ulcer with HEBERPROT-P

HEBERPROT-P is a novel and unique drug prescribed for the therapy of diabetic foot ulcer, the product is considered unique, achieving total cure of the foot ulcer in treated patients, and reducing the rate of amputation.

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consulta de telemedicina

Telemedicine consultation

Enjoy the benefits of medicine from home

We offer ONLINE medical consultations. Aimed at all patients who need MEDICAL GUIDANCE and SECOND OPINION regarding their pathologies.

Improve your Health and Well-being

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