Comprehensive diabetic patient care program, including treatment for diabetic foot ulcers with HEBERPROT-P

People living with Diabetes Mellitus are exposed to numerous neurovascular complications, which are accompanied by a high social economic cost.

Cuban medical services offer comprehensive care to diabetic people that includes the use of the new and unique drug Heberprot-P, prescribed for the therapy of diabetic foot ulcer.

This is a lyophilized product, which contains recombinant human epidermal growth factor, developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, and applied by specialized personnel specifically trained in the use of the drug.

Advantages of using Heberprot-P


HEBERPROT-P is a novel drug and the only one prescribed for the therapy of diabetic foot ulcers (UPD) based on recombinant human growth factor (FCHrec.), through intralesional infiltration directly at the wound site.

Treatment with the drug HEBERPROT-P was developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), and after a long process of research and clinical trials to validate its results, it is already found in all the health units of the Cuban nation.

The product is considered unique and first in its class, it is administered directly into the ulcerated tissues of the diabetic, generating an accelerated granulation of the lesions.

The HEBERPROT-P applies to Individuals of any age, sex and race with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus regardless of the type of diabetes they present and the time of evolution of the disease .

Evidencias gráficas del tratamiento con HEBERPROT-P en pacientes con Úlceras del Pie Diabético.

pie diabetico antes del tratamiento con heberprot-p

before treatment

pie diabetico 5 semanas de tratamiento con heberprot-p

5 weeks of treatment

pie diabetico 3 meses de tratamiento

3 months, end of treatment

Request treatment with Heberprot-P

To request the treatment of Diabetic Foot with Heberprot-P the patient must send us a summary of his medical history and accompanied by a photo where we can appreciate the ulcer injury or lesions.

The qualified medical team will evaluate your case and send you the medical program with the cost and time for which you must stay in Cuba to carry out this treatment.

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Heberprot-p: Medicine for the treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

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