General information about the treatment and rehabilitation program for drugs, alcohol and strong medications in Cuba.

Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation treatment in Cuba is intended to help the addict stop the compulsive search and consumption of drugs and strong drugs. Since drug addiction is often a chronic disorder characterized by occasional relapses, a single, short-term course of treatment is generally not sufficient. In many patients, treatment is a long-term process that involves constant supervision.

In coordination with the Cuban Medical Services, we offer a program for the rehabilitation of people with addiction problems to legal and illegal drugs.

The knowledge and experience of our professionals in more than 25 years of working with drug-dependent patients, has allowed us to have a therapeutic arsenal that ensures satisfactory results in the rehabilitation process.

Medical rehabilitation program for drugs, alcohol and strong medications

The medical program has a psychotherapeutic approach and is scientifically validated and directed by a specialized team with vast experience. It is made up of psychiatrists, psychologists, social and occupational rehabilitators and physical trainers.

Where is the addiction rehabilitation program in Cuba developed?

Patients are rehabilitated in the Community Therapeutic International Cocal Quinqué , located in the province of Holguin, in a drug-free environment, with medical coverage and 24-hour nursing service.

The natural environment, the professionalism of our specialists and the hotel service, guarantee a pleasant stay for the patient.

The rehabilitation process is mainly developed in the following intervention areas, where the therapeutic objectives outlined are met, which allow comprehensive patient care.

The patient rehabilitation process is made up of two phases:

1. Initial evaluation stage for 7 days, which includes:

2. Rehabilitation and treatment stage for 90 days, which includes:

The rehabilitation treatment is shaped in a personalized way, according to the clinical, psychological and physical characteristics of the patient, also taking into account the social environment of origin, specific family situation, among other aspects

It is made up of 3 stages, each one with specific objectives:

First stage

Time of 0-30 days.

Second stage

Time of 30-60 days.

Third stage

Time of 60-90 days.

Other information on the development of the anti-dependency program:

  1. Patients have a life schedule with initiation of therapeutic activities 8.45 AM until 5.30 PM . At night, free activities and other planned activities are carried out until 10.00 PM .

  2. Medical consultations are made with other specialties at the request of the patient or medical indication.

  3. The program includes therapeutic trips to historical, cultural, recreational and sports centers when the patient meets the therapeutic objectives.

  4. The use of appropriate clothing for psychotherapeutic and sports activities.

  5. The patient must enter accompanied by a family member who can issue data on the patient's history. The companion's stay will be during the evaluation phase and can only be prolonged at the doctor's discretion.

  6. Family visits are conceived in agreement with the therapists and may remain with the patient as long as their stay does not affect the treatment.

  7. The Center has a safe for valuables and money.

On occasions, depending on individual characteristics and at the request of the family, he is accompanied to his country of origin by a therapist in order to facilitate his social reintegration.

Once the patient is discharged, the individual and family monitoring is not interrupted; This can be coordinated through visits by the therapist to the place of origin, visits that favor the evaluation of their own socio-labor-teaching environment, expand the participation of other family members and allow interaction with other therapists (who referred the patient or support groups).

How to request this treatment?

You must make the official request through the form on our site.

Patients must meet the following REQUIREMENTS TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE CENTER and be able to start anti-dependency treatment.

  1. That the patient enter the clinic voluntarily
  2. That he does not have any liver disease
  3. That he does not have HIV AIDS
  4. That he does not have any mental illness.
  5. That he is not a carrier of Heart Disease, Diabetes or Epilepsy that are decompensated.
  6. Have a family member accompany you during the first 15 days of treatment.
  7. Minimum treatment time 3 months.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Therapeutic Scientific Council of the Clinic has the power to accept or reject the admission of the patient after the evaluation week if it verifies that the patient does not meet these requirements or their performance does not is consistent with the conduct required in the clinic.

With the information that you send us in the form, the medical team makes a prior evaluation for acceptance (not definitive) to treat the case, and is indicated that you can travel to Cuba for the treatment.

Once in the clinic, it undergoes evaluation to determine its final acceptance for treatment.

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