What is infertility and how does it affect couples?

Infertility is a condition that affects the couple, who is unable to conceive a child naturally or carry a pregnancy to term after 1 year of constant sexual intercourse (minimum 3 times a week ) without the use of contraception.

Important studies suggest that an infertile couple often experiences, in many cases, isolation, guilt, fear, anxiety, anger, along with depression and uncertainty, adding problems to the relationship itself, ranging from communication to sexuality.

Currently, scientific advances have made it possible to solve some of the problems that make conception impossible, which constitutes hope for infertile couples.

Taking this into account, Cuba has been developing since 2007 a Program for the Care and Study of Infertile Couples, unique in its kind, which includes both members of the couple. Its objectives include: guaranteeing the required diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, ensuring care and monitoring of pregnancies achieved by these techniques and establishing the ethical framework that should govern this type of assistance.

Information about the infertility study

Through this program the couple will be able to know the cause that causes infertility and thus achieve their dream.

These programs can be carried out in 10 days of hospitalization or on an outpatient basis, for this you must come before the 5th. day of your menstrual cycle with your partner.

What does the infertility study program include

10 nights of hospitalization.
(Accommodation, nursing care and attending physician, initial evaluation and preparation of Clinical History, food).

Laboratory tests

Other Investigations.

Imaging investigations.

Instrumentation and diagnostic examination.

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