The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba prohibits, among others, the entry of:

The export of the following articles and products is not allowed:

Immigration Regulations to Travel to Cuba:

All visitors must have a valid passport or a travel document issued in their name and the corresponding visa or Tourist Card. The countries with which Cuba has free visa agreements are excepted. Tourist Cards can be requested from Cuban consular representations. Also, in travel agencies and airlines. They are of two types: for individual tourists or for tourists traveling in groups.

Business trips, journalism, long stays or work, require special visas, so you should go to the Cuban Consulates or Embassies.

Medicines, up to 10 kg in weight, are exempt from paying customs duties, as long as they come separately from the rest of the luggage. When they are mixed with other articles that are part of it, they are valued as a whole and are subject to the payment of customs duties and services. For this reason, Customs recommends that you bring the medicines separate from the rest of your luggage and in this way facilitate and expedite the dispatch of the items that you import, thus reducing the time of your stay in the air terminal and contributing to a greater fluidity in our airports.

Sanitary Regulations

From 1st. March 2016, the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba establishes that it must:

All citizens of any country can travel to Cuba without any immigration restrictions, including North Americans. People persecuted by international justice linked to drug trafficking, terrorism or other crimes are excluded.

To travel to Cuba, for pleasure or recreation, the visitor must adjust their trip to a tourism program contracted with international agencies that maintain an agreement with the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) and will submit their visa application through the tourist agency that contracts the trip. You can also contact the Cuban consular offices in the embassy of your country of residence, or the representations of Cuba where there is no embassy.

The air ticket (round trip) is necessary; Passport in order, valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country and a tourist card or visa without which you cannot reach any airport or border post in Cuba.

Other Procedures to Travel to Cuba:

Procedures for tourist visas and cards