What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic condition characterized by excessive proliferation of skin cells, the appearance of reddish plaques with the presence of inflamed areas, which usually covered with platinum scales, on the scalp, elbows, knees and lower back .

You tend to have cycles, with flare-ups that last for weeks or months and then slow down or even go into remission.

What are the most common symptoms of Psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis can be various. The most common are:

Psoriasis can develop from a few scaly spots similar to dandruff, to major eruptions that span large areas of the body.

The areas most commonly affected are the lower back, elbows, knees, legs, soles of the feet, scalp, face, and palms.

Treatment for psoriasis with choriodermin

To receive treatment for psoriasis, the patient must be consulted at the Placental Histotherapy Center , in Havana Cuba for which, the patient must travel to Havana for a minimum of 4 nights and 5 days, since the treatment is carried out in 3 consecutive business days and must suspend everything treatment you are doing for this disease at least 45 days before your trip.

The drug you should stop is the one you are applying for psoriasis treatment only, not the drug you are using for other conditions.

Necessary information:

Effectiveness of Treatment against Psoriasis

This treatment is 84.6% effective and its effectiveness and duration depend on several factors such as:

Therapeutic effectiveness of Coriodermine

Effectiveness of Coriodermina

Procedure to be performed in the clinic:

Day 1:

Specialized medical consultation and start of treatment. If the doctor considers it necessary, you will be referred to a psychology consultation at no additional cost.

Day 2 and 3:

Training on the use of Coriodermina and purchase of medications.

To continue with the treatment for the cure of Psoriasis in their country, the patient will be indicated in consultation with the appropriate amount of medicine to buy, in accordance with the extent of the body surface area affected by the disease.

Treatment costs

The cost of the consultation and the 3 days of treatment = 240 USD

Medication costs:

The total cost of the drugs for a year of treatment depends on the number of bottles that the doctor indicates according to the percentage of the body that is affected

Coriodermina, treatment of Psoriasis

Coriodermina (250g) ……… ..............… ... 33.30 USD ( Keep refrigerated between 2-8ºC)

This medicine requires cold storage, you must bring an insulated bag and gel bags to freeze for maintenance during the trip.

Piloactiva Lotion (200ml) …… ...........… ... 13.35 USD

Piloactive Shampoo (200ml) ……… ............. 5.10 USD

Note: The medicine bottle Coriodermina is not sold freely, only prior evaluation and prescription of the attending physician.

Important to know:

It is recommended that you must attend approximately $ 600.00 USD to pay for the treatment and purchase the medication.

We offer you the possibility of making a medical appointment for you and offering you the necessary accommodation and transportation services in Havana to receive this treatment, you just have to make the request by filling out the following form

How to prepare your trip?

Your roundtrip air ticket must be managed through a travel agency in your country.

As the treatment is outpatient you will need accommodation services, transfers in Havana. If you wish, we can send you a proposal for an accommodation and transfer package in Havana so that you can develop the treatment correctly.

Sometimes there is a deficit in the availability of medicine in the clinic, so we suggest that before planning your trip you request your appointment and once confirmed buy your ticket and accommodation reservations.

To attend the first day at the clinic you must have all the morning, the other days you will not be in the clinic for more than 2 hours, so you will have free time to take advantage of your trip and get to know our city, you can also combine your health trip with tourist activities in our country, being able to make excursions or extend your stay to visit other cities.

Other information you should know:

Forms of payment accepted in Cuba for international medical treatments

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Cuban treatment for Psorasis patients with the use of Coriodermina Gel

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