Information that you must know to travel to the Republic of Cuba

Cuba is an archipelago in the Antilles Sea, also known as the Caribbean Sea. Due to its geographical position at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, since colonial times it has been known as "La Llave del Golfo". It is the largest island in the Greater Antilles. The closest countries are Haiti, the Bahamas, the United States, Jamaica and Mexico.

Capital: Havana.
Official language: Spanish.

Immigration regulations

All visitors must have a valid passport in her name and the corresponding tourist visa or card, except in the cases of countries with which Cuba has a free visa agreement. The Tourist card, both for individuals and groups, can be requested at Cuban consular representations, travel agencies and airline offices.

Customs regulations

You can visit the website of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba

Sanitary regulations

There are only sanitary restrictions for travelers from countries where there are endemic yellow fever and cholera or have been declared zones of infection by the WHO, in which case it is required to present the International Certificate of Vaccination. The entry of products of animal or vegetable origin is restricted.

Travel insurance

Effective May 1, 2010 all visitors must have travel insurance. Consult the site for more information.

Moneda y formas de pago

Financial operations are carried out in euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, Mexican pesos, Japanese yen and US dollars.

why travel to cuba

Why travel to Cuba?

Turismo médico en Cuba

Medical tourism

Turismo de bienestar en Cuba

Health and wellness tourism