The surgical treatment program for patients with Parkinson's disease includes:

1. Evaluation week: 7 days

During the evaluation week, the patient's pathology is assessed and the surgical treatment proposed at the end of it is designed based on the results.

In it they are performed on the patient.

Includes medical and skilled nursing care.

Cost of the evaluation week: 3,616.00 USD

2. Functional Stereotaxic Surgery: 10 and 15 nights

Performance of Functional Surgery with automated surgical planning and intraoperative semi-micro registration, which includes between 10 and 15 post-operative nights

The cost ranges between: 15,000.00 and 20,000.00 USD , depending on the surgical technique used.

The companion, which is mandatory, must pay USD 43.00 daily for their hospital meals and accommodation, in the same double room as the patient

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