As part of the treatment of complex trauma conditions or serious sequelae of traumas due to dislocations or fractures, Cuba has successfully developed a line of work in Orthopedic Surgery, backed by attention to high incidence pathologies in high performance athletes, ballet artists, the universe of dance and circus art, among others, which make it a practically unique clinic of its kind in the region. At the same time, it has one of the most important and complete Orthopedic Hospital infrastructures in the world, with the conditions to strengthen the rigor of this specialty on the Island, to the medical union that supports it as well as the quality of its services.

Among the most important pathologies covered are joint prosthetic replacements for the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and metacarpophalangeal joints.

List of spine surgery programs

Degenerative lumbar disc surgery

Lumbar disc herniation surgery

Simple lumbar discectomy (Caspar or his modifications)

Lumbar canal stenosis surgery

Posterior lumbar decompression without arthrodesis

Surgery for degenerative cervical disc disease

Cervical discectomy plus disc or dynamic cage prosthesis

Cervical disc herniation surgery

Cervical discectomy plus interbody fusion

Lumbar disc herniation surgery

Percutaneous lumbar discectomy



Thoracic disc herniation surgery

Thoracic discectomy

Surgery to correct scoliosis

Correction and arthrodesis of scoliosis / kyphosis and other spinal deformities

Severe Scoliosis Surgery

Correction and arthrodesis of scoliosis / kyphosis and other spinal deformities by double approach


Programs Include:

Hospitalization of the patient in a private room, bedside medical care and daily visit pass, nursing care, preoperative and postoperative check-up, surgical procedure, intensive and intermediate care after the surgical procedure.

The programs do not include:

Expenses for complications that arise, medications, blood or derivatives that are not included within the proposed program. Internet and telephone expenses that the patient may need.

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