What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the loss of cells that produce skin pigmentation , it is characterized by the loss of melanocytes ; Therefore, the patient presents areas with white spots on the skin , the vitiligo disease is suffered by 1% of the world population and is generally related to a physical trauma or emotional, prior to the onset of the disease.

These white spots on the skin gradually appear on the face, extremities and genital region. Most people have depigmentation on the hands initially and then on the face.

Cuban treatment against Vitiligo with Melagenina Plus

Many people today have sought relief from their symptoms with the use of different drugs, however, few are the treatments that can offer an effective treatment against Vitiligo such as those achieved by the Placental Histotherapy Center of Havana.

The Cuban treatment for vitiligo is developed from products derived from the human placenta such as the Melagenina Plus Lotion, a drug that is distinguished by the lack of harmful or systemic side effects that allows it to be used both in children and in adults, including the elderly and pregnant women.

The treatment for the cure of vitiligo consists of the topical application of Melagenina Plus, a product made from the human placenta and that has the property of stimulating the production of melanocytes to help restore skin tone

To receive treatment against Vitiligo it is necessary for the patient to travel to Havana and be consulted and treated by Placental Histotherapy Clinic of Havana . The treatment is carried out in 3 consecutive business days, for which you must suspend any treatment you are doing topically on skin lesions at least 45 days before your trip. It is not necessary to stop another type of treatment for another disease.

Effectiveness of Vitiligo Treatment.

This treatment is 86.0% effective in patients treated for more than 15 years. Its effectiveness and duration depend on several factors such as:

Therapeutic effectiveness of Melagenina Plus in patients with Vitiligo

Procedure that will be carried out in the clinic the 3 days of consultation and treatment:

Day 1:
Presentation of an explanatory conference on Vitiligo treatment , specialized medical consultation and beginning of treatment. If the doctor considers it necessary, you will be referred to a psychology consultation at no additional cost.

Day 2 and 3:

Training on the use of Melagenin Plus .

To continue with the treatment for the cure of Vitiligo in their country, the patient will be indicated in consultation with the appropriate amount of medicine to buy, according to the degree of extension of the body surface affected by the disease.

Vitiligo treatment costs

The medical consultation, plus the 3 days of training in the correct use of Melagenin Plus = 240.00 USD .

At the Vitiligo consultation, the doctor will guide you on the amount of Melagenin bottles that you must buy to continue the treatment in your country according to the portion of skin affected and the duration of the indicated treatment.

The clinic sells and guarantees medications for at least one year of treatment.

The value of the bottle of Melagenina plus is as follows:

Melagenina Plus

Bottle of Melagenin Plus (235ml) ……….… .. $ 36.00 USD
Note: The drug Melagenina Plus is not sold freely, only after evaluation and prescription by the attending physician.

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Note: The medicine bottle Melagenin Plus is not sold freely, only after evaluation and prescription of the attending physician.

Important to know:

It is recommended that you have approximately $ 600 USD to pay for the treatment and the purchase of the medicine that you must take with you to your country to continue treatment there for as long as the doctors recommend.

We offer you the possibility of making a medical appointment for you and offering you the necessary accommodation and transportation services in Havana to receive this treatment, you just have to make the request by filling out the following form

How to prepare your trip?

Your roundtrip air ticket must be managed through a travel agency in your country.

As the treatment is outpatient you will need accommodation services, transfers in Havana. If you wish, we can send you a proposal for an accommodation and transfer package in Havana so that you can develop the treatment correctly.

Sometimes there is a deficit in the availability of medicine in the clinic, so we suggest that before planning your trip you request your appointment and once confirmed buy your ticket and accommodation reservations.

To attend the first day at the clinic you must have all the morning, the other days you will not be in the clinic for more than 2 hours, so you will have free time to take advantage of your trip and get to know our city, you can also combine your health trip with tourist activities in our country, being able to make excursions or extend your stay to visit other cities.

Other information you should know:

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Cuban treatment for Vitiligo patients with the use of Melagenina Plus

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