The care and treatment of Neuropediatric Diseases that we offer focus on the neurological restoration of children. With a comprehensive program that includes multi and interdisciplinary assistance to patients and families, the Clinic provides a comprehensive care service that includes diagnosis, pharmacological, neuropsychiatric, neuropsychological, orthopedic, neurorehabilitation and neurosurgical diseases of neurological diseases of the child .

There is extensive experience in the treatment of Epilepsies , as well as in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Maturation Delays .

We provide comprehensive care to movement disorders in childhood (dystonia, tics, chorea, tremors and myoclonus) including functional surgery, generalized developmental disorders, spasticity including denervation with botulinum toxin type A.

Offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases in childhood, of spinal cord injuries in childhood. This treatment is supported with constant pediatric care of the conditions that usually occur at this age.

Diseases treated in this program

How to ask us to be attended.

To request to be evaluated and treated in any of the pathologies, it is necessary to send us your request with the following information through our email: or by contacting us through our contact form .

El resumen de historia clínica y los exámenes realizados debe enviarlos en un fichero adjunto por correo, el resto de la información puede enviarla llenando el recuadro de breve historia de la enfermedad de la planilla de solicitud, puede además escribir todos los comentarios e información que usted considere que pueda ser de interés medico para completar la información.

The summary of the clinical history and the tests performed must be sent in an attached file by mail, the rest of the information can be sent by filling in the box with a brief history of the disease on the application form, you can also write all the comments and information that you consider may be of medical interest to complete the information.

With these data the medical team will determine if there are therapeutic possibilities for a substantial improvement of the patient and determine their acceptance, if the case is accepted, the possible date on which the patient can travel is indicated, taking into account the availability of the clinic , an accompanying family member must always be present.

The acceptance of the case will be answered within a period of 15 days with the proposal of the possible treatment program. During this period, our Staff will keep in full contact with you in case it is necessary to request any additional information that medical specialists require, or to clarify any type of doubt or concern that you consider.

Given the characteristics of the pathologies treated at this Institution, patients require a companion who, as a rule and to facilitate this care, must stay at CIREN .

The Clinic offers for patients who require it, Special Nursing Services, whose prices would be added to the daily costs of hospitalization.

If you wish, the clinic offers you the possibility of requesting for a small price of 35.00 USD that they make a recording of the therapeutic program you are receiving so that you can take it back to your country and have the treatment in a digital medium completed and can have a guide where to continue treatment at home if you do not decide to return for a new therapeutic cycle.

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