Do you need a medical check-up?

medical check-ups or medical evaluations are essential medical tests that we must undergo every certain period of time. Having a preventive medical checkup or a specialized medical evaluation is intended to prevent diseases that only manifest discomfort in advanced stages such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, or any cardiovascular disease. So it is an ideal instrument for you to know your health status and treat diseases in time.

At what age should I undergo these medical tests?

Before 30 years . Measuring cholesterol levels is essential and testing for STIs and STDs or early detection of diseases such as cancer is recommended.

From 30 to 50 years old. We must have a check-up at least once every 2 years. Women of these ages, in addition to the cytological test to prevent cervical cancer, it is recommended to do the human papillomavirus test, and examine the skin changes in case changes in the moles occur.

From 50 to 60. From the age of 50 there are several conditions to which special attention must be paid, both men and women, such as colon cancer, important also the detection of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and evaluation of toxic habits such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

From the age of 60. Check-ups are recommended at least every 1 year, and if you have a chronic disease detected at previous ages every 6 months

Top Medical Assessments We Offer

Cost (USD)

Executive medical checkup

Man - Woman

259.00 USD

Outpatient medical checkup


667.00 USD

Outpatient medical checkup


563.00 USD

Comprehensive outpatient medical checkup


860.00 USD

Comprehensive outpatient medical checkup


612.00 USD

Medical check-up for patients with arterial hypertension

Man - Woman

920.00 USD

Cardiovascular medical checkup

Man - Woman

756.00 USD

Toco-gynecological medical checkup


502.00 USD

Gynecological medical check-up for patients with climacteric or menopause


772.00 USD

Pediatric medical checkup

Children and adolescents

621.00 USD

Medical check-up for patients with diabetes mellitus

Man - Woman

1,447.00 USD

Stomatological checkup for senior

Man - Woman

150.00 USD

Pediatric stomatological checkup

Children and Adolescents

155.00 USD

How to request a Medical Checkup in Cuba?

To request any of our medical evaluations, it is necessary that you send us your request by filling out our CONTACT FORM or by contacting us through our email:

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