What is Heberprot-P® and what is it for?

Heberprot-P is a novel and unique drug prescribed for the therapy of diabetic foot ulcer (UPD) based on recombinant human growth factor (FCHrec.), by intralesional infiltration directly at the wound site. HEBERPROT-P therapy fills the space of an unmet medical need for the treatment of complex diabetic foot ulcers.

There is a growing interest in the use of growth factors for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, so since the beginning of the nineties a related research program was developed at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology with the biological effects of parenteral and repeated administration of recombinant human epidermal growth factor (hrecFec).

Accumulated pre-clinical experience on the pharmacological effects of hrecFCE in terms of repair and cyto-protection, the technological maturity reached in its production as a recombinant protein, the obtaining of an adequate injectable formulation and the existence of a good managerial mentality focused on the development of research projects, they were active ingredients for the emergence of the HEBERPROT-P product, an injectable formulation that, administered through intralesional infiltration, constitutes an adjuvant treatment to accelerate the healing of deep ulcers , complex, derived from this metabolic disorder, both neuropathic and neuroischemic.

Advantages of treating diabetic foot ulcer with HEBERPROT-P

  1. Accelerates the healing of deep and complex UPDs.
  2. Reduces the risk of amputations in patients with UPD.
  3. Three weeks of treatment with this product have been enough to observe granulation in more than 80% of patients with UPD between 1 and 80 cm2.
  4. It contributes significantly to improving the quality of life of patients since it reduces the number and extent of surgical debridations or removal of necrotic tissue, in addition to preventing recurrences.
  5. It reduces the healing time and with it, the resulting complications, such as gangrene and infection or over-infection, making it possible to redirect resources to patients with more difficult prognoses.

Graphic evidence of treatment with HEBERPROT-P.

pie diabetico antes del tratamiento con heberprot-p

before treatment

pie diabetico 5 semanas de tratamiento con heberprot-p

5 weeks of treatment

pie diabetico 3 meses de tratamiento

3 months, end of treatment

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