Payment methods of La Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos

The payment of the services offered in the international medical care rooms of Cuban medical institutions is made by bank transfer or by paying online, the prices of the programs are issued in USD but are paid in freely convertible currency according to the daily change established in the stock market by the Central Bank of Cuba. To see the exchange rates visit:


Accepted payment methods:

Online payment:

100% secure using the virtual platform, we work with all international brands and types of cards such as debit, credit or prepaid.

This is a fast form of payment, which can be done from the comfort of your home or can be done by any debit or credit card owner who has activated the "secure holder" or holder without a secure purchase key. If you do not have the service activated, you must go to the bank that issued the card or on the website of the brand of your card and activate it, it is a free service that is enabled immediately.

For this online payment option to be effective, we need to send us the following information:

By bank transfer to the account indicated below:

Beneficiary: CSMC. S.A.

No. account: 0300000005654612

Swift Code: BFICCUHH

Bank Address: 5th. Avenida No. 9009, corner calle 92, Miramar, Playa, Havana, Cuba

Bank transfers are made in any allowed international exchange currency at the official exchange rate of the day, which may not necessarily coincide with the one being transferred, therefore , if there is a difference, it must be paid by the client