Cuba is a country widely recognized for the quality and professionalism of its medical assistance services, which confirms it as a health destination par excellence.

Among its main attractions it stands out, its natural benefits, its climate, its safety, having a national health system of distinguished scientific and professional level.

Cuban doctors are characterized by their highly humanitarian and comprehensive sense, which has allowed them international recognition in the midst of natural disasters, pandemics or of any other nature.

La Perla del Caribe, has modern medical institutions of high international standard such as, the Cira García Central Clinic , the Camilo Cienfuegos Pigmentary Retinitis Center , the CIREN Neurological Restoration Center , the Julio Diaz Hospital for orthopedic rehabilitation, the National Institute of Oncology and Radiotherapy , the La Pradera International Health Center , The "Cocal-Quinque" Addiction Rehabilitation Community ; among others.

Among the main specialties that patients from other countries demand is minimal access surgeries , the neurological rehabilitation programs , the oncological treatments , the Cosmetic and aesthetic surgery , vaccines CIMAVAX-EGF and VAXIRA used in the Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer , the Heberprot-P for Treatment of diabetic foot ulcers , the drug and alcohol rehabilitation and the Vitiligo cure , among others.

This small Caribbean island assumes the great responsibility of marketing medical and health services with the excellence deserved by those who place their trust in Cuba as a destination for comprehensive health and well-being for each patient attended.

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