The Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology of Cuba , constitutes the main national institution for cancer treatment and research related to this disease.

This Hospital and Research Center of the National Health System of Cuba acts as the guiding center in the fight against cancer and in the incorporation of new treatments into clinical practice, providing highly specialized medical assistance , guaranteeing the training of human resources in Oncology , conducting clinical, basic and epidemiological investigations, in addition to running cancer control programs and the National Registry of the same to achieve maximum quality in national and international patient care.

" Our medical practice is the complete opposite of quackery and this Clinic is the furthest thing you can think of from a gloomy or sad place, we help regain confidence in life and if we talk about cases, we have had pediatric patients diagnosed in their country of origin as cancer and here we verify that they do not suffer from such a condition ", says its Director.

We offer the following programs for Cancer patients:

Minimally invasive surgery programs:

Highly complex Surgery Programs:

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