Founded on February 26, 1989 and located in Havana, CIREN is an institution dedicated to raising the quality of life of patients who come to its services with injuries or Nervous System diseases . Due to its scientific achievements, it is among the leading centers in the field of restorative neurology , worldwide.

The neurological restoration is a multifactorial strategy based on the principle of Neuro Plasticity to achieve the structural and functional recovery of the injured Nervous System, which is applied by highly qualified multidisciplinary teams in its 6 specialized pathology clinics , through therapeutic actions designed integrally for each patient, for up to 7 hours a day, under the direction of the Neurologist in charge of the case.

It is based on the latest advances in Neurosciences and is structured from a comprehensive combination of therapeutic, pharmacological, surgical and neuro-rehabilitation methods, the purpose of which is to compensate for existing alterations and stimulate functional recovery of nervous activity.

The Program is aimed at chronic neurological patients affected by sequelae of acute injuries, or carriers of disabling chronic diseases of the nervous system, such as: Hemiplegia and Paraplegia, Epilepsy, Infantile Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Polyneuropathies, Multiple Sclerosis, Tumors of the nervous system, etc.

Medical programs offered at CIREN

The International Center for Neurological Restoration care system ( CIREN ) is structured in two Therapeutic Programs:

REBIOGER is designed for people over 30 years of age, healthy or apparently healthy, and bases its actions on new knowledge about the clinical syndrome caused by oxidative stress, and allows determining the most diverse manifestations that it produces (intellectual, affective, motor and systematic), providing its cure through intensive stimulation methods and pharmacological treatment.

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