Vaxira is a very safe therapeutic vaccine that stops the progression of lung cancer and prolongs the survival of the patient.

Pharmaceutical form: Injectable suspension for intradermal use (ID)

Therapeutic indications: Treatment of patients with non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC), in advanced stages (IIIb or IV), with objective clinical response or stable disease, after oncospecific first-line chemotherapy / radiotherapy treatment, as exchange maintenance.

It is in this condition and type of lung cancer that the greatest clinical benefit is obtained in terms of increased survival and improved quality of life, as well as a broad safety profile in treated patients.

This vaccine is not recommended for other types of cancer, apart from NSCLC, the tumor must be primary lung.

How can I access the Vaxira therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer.

In order to carry out the therapeutic treatment of lung cancer with the use of the therapeutic vaccine Vaxira , the patient must contact us through our form contact , or send us an email to .

In addition to the primary information, you must send us the histology and tumor stage via email, since VAXIRA ® is only registered for advanced stage IIIb and IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), in other types of tumors we have no evidence of clinical efficacy.

The authorized medical team will evaluate whether the patient is susceptible to treatment with these vaccines and receives it within a comprehensive patient care program.

If accepted, you will be sent the medical program with the cost and time for which you must stay in Cuba for medical treatment

The medical program for lung cancer patients includes:

  1. Transfer from Jóse Martí airport to La Pradera International Health Center (CIS La Pradera)

  2. Transfer from La Pradera International Health Center (CIS La Pradera) to Jóse Martí airport at the end of the treatment

  3. Hospitalization in a private room, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

  4. Nursing care

  5. Attention of the attending physician

  6. Initial evaluation and preparation of the patient's medical history.

  7. Laboratory investigations.

  8. Imaging Investigations

  9. Treatment with CIMAvax-EGF

Other services not included in the cost of Treatment

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