The Therapeutic Community as Addiction Treatment

The paradigm of comprehensive care in drug-dependencies is based on the experience of mental health care in Cuba from the 80s and is focused through a model of coexistence where stories, affections, responsibilities and teamwork are shared, with participatory and natural therapeutic techniques.

The Cocal y Quinqué Therapeutic Community, is located in eastern Cuba, its facilities have treated patients from more than 15 countries, mainly Latin America, the United States and the Caribbean.

How addiction therapy is developed

The addiction treatment program takes place in a country where drugs do not circulate with the same impunity as in the rest of the world and where there are social control mechanisms that guarantee our results.

For a satisfactory rehabilitation, patients must remain within the program for 97 days, which they develop under a closed therapeutic community regime, where discipline is very strict and the patient's willingness and desire to collaborate in the recovery are essential.

The presence of a relative during the initial two weeks of therapy is very convenient for their insertion in the community and obtaining useful data in their treatment.

Under the guidance and attention of an interdisciplinary team of professionals and technicians led by psychiatrists, based on a program by stages, the treatment guarantees the non-consumption of toxic (drugs, drugs and alcohol) , with a high level of effectiveness, based on the modification of the lifestyle, and the application of techniques to control the situation by the patient.

The accommodation of the patients is carried out in hotel-type rooms with good comfort, air-conditioned, television with international channels. Meals are à la carte and with a varied menu adapted to the needs of the patients.

The centers have a swimming pool, sports areas and passive games, abundant green areas, relaxation and music therapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy, cultural and educational activities, as well as stimulus outings to places of historical, cultural and recreational interest in the region.

This Program is endorsed by the Cuban Psychiatric Society.


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