When applying for a medical program, it is necessary that you send us, along with said request, an updated medical summary of the patient's health status. We understand as updated a maximum of 3 months of completion

Medical treatment request form

& nbsp; All information contained in this form will be used exclusively for medical purposes.

How to request us to be attended:

To request to be evaluated and treated in Cuba, please fill out the following form.

The evaluation of some medical programs require that you send us a summary of your updated medical history and the results of medical examinations carried out previously, they must be sent in an attached file through our email: infosalud@healthincuba.com . The rest of the information can be sent by filling in the box with a brief history of the disease on the application form, you can also write all the comments and information that you consider that may be of medical interest to complete the information.

After evaluating the information you send us, the specialists will propose a "Medical Program" to you. adjusted to your requirements and that responds to your health problem.

Terms and conditions

1. Once your medical information has been received and evaluated, you will receive a proposal for a Medical Program within a period of no more than 5 days with information on costs and other matters of interest to you.

2. If you accept the “ Medical Program ” recommended, you must confirm, at least 15 days in advance of your arrival at the center, by email, through our address: infosalud@healthincuba.com