What is Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the loss of cells that produce skin pigmentation , it is characterized by the loss of melanocytes ; Therefore, the patient presents areas with white spots on the skin , the vitiligo disease is suffered by 1% of the world population and is generally related to a physical trauma or emotional, prior to the onset of the disease.

These white spots on the skin gradually appear on the face, extremities and genital region. Most of the people present depigmentation in the hands initially and later in the face.

Vitiligo consultation and treatment costs:

The cost of the consultation and the 3 days of treatment and training in the use of Melagenin Plus is: $ 240.00 USD

General Medical Information: Treatment of Vitiligo with the use of Melagenina Plus.

To receive treatment against Vitiligo the patient must be consulted and treated at the Placental Histotherapy Clinic of Havana , for this the patient must travel for a minimum 4 nights and 5 days , because the treatment is carried out 3 consecutive days .

Information you need to know

  1. In order to reserve your medical consultation, you must indicate the date you wish to travel to start the treatment.

  2. The drug Melagenina Plus is made from Human Placenta and its availability is limited, so we suggest you inform us via email with As far in advance as possible of the date you will make your trip to inform you of the availability of medicine for the date you want to travel.

  3. We will tell you if the Clinic has medication available for your care at that time.

  4. In case there is no medicine, you will remain in our registry and we will contact you when it is possible to travel, you must wait for us to confirm the availability to make your trip and in this way you do not make unnecessary expenses, we take care of keeping you informed.

  5. Treatment is done on an outpatient basis.

  6. The medicine with which it will be treated is totally innocuous (it does not have secondary reactions).

  7. The safety of the treatment allows its use in both children and adults, including the elderly, pregnant women and women during the menstrual period.

  8. It is compatible with any type of food or drink, as well as with other groups of drugs.

  9. For reasons of availability of the human placenta, the production of this drug is limited and its sale is reserved for patients who are consulted in the clinic and it is not possible to send it by any means to their country.

  10. For this treatment it is not necessary to send a summary of medical history, it is only necessary that your specialist doctor has confirmed that your disease is Vitiligo

Effectiveness of Vitiligo Treatment

This treatment is 86.0% effective in patients treated for more than 15 years. Its effectiveness and duration depend on several factors such as:

Procedure in the clinic:

Day 1:
Presentation of an explanatory conference on Vitiligo treatment , specialized medical consultation and beginning of treatment. If the doctor considers it necessary, you will be referred to a psychology consultation at no additional cost.

Day 2 and 3:

Training on the use of Melagenin Plus .

To continue with the treatment for the cure of Vitiligo in your country, the patient will be indicated in consultation with the appropriate amount of medicine to buy, according to the degree of extension of the body surface affected by the disease.

The value of the bottle of Melagenina plus is as follows:

Melagenina Plus

Bottle of Melagenin Plus (235ml) ……….… .. $ 36.00 USD
Note: The drug Melagenina Plus is not sold freely, only after evaluation and prescription by the attending physician.

The total cost of the medicine that you must take to your country to continue the treatment depends on the indication of the authorized doctor according to the portion of skin affected and the indicated treatment time.

Important to know:

It is recommended that you must come with approximately $ 600.00 USD to pay for the treatment and the purchase of the medicine that you must take with you to your country to continue treatment there for as long as the doctors recommend.

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