In Cuba we have the human resources and advanced technology necessary to perform surgical procedures of varying complexity, for which we have accredited clinical surgical centers for international medical care and a highly professional union. competence and professionalism.

List of main general surgery programs

Treatment of diabetic foot ulcers with Heberprot-P

Breast Carcinoma Surgery

Simple mastectomy

Breast Carcinoma Surgery

Radical mastectomy with axillary dissection

Epigastric hernia Surgery - mesh cost not included

Large incisional hernia surgery

Inguinal Hernia Surgery - Reproduced more than once

Inguinal Hernia Surgery - does not include mesh cost

Umbilical Hernia Surgery - does not include mesh cost

Breast nodule surgery

Excision of breast nodule without mastectomy

Thyroid Nodule Surgery



Programs Include:

Hospitalization of the patient in a private room, bedside medical care and daily visit pass, nursing care, preoperative and postoperative check-up, surgical procedure, intensive and intermediate care after the surgical procedure.

The programs do not include:

Expenses for complications that arise, medications, blood or derivatives that are not included within the proposed program. Internet and telephone expenses that the patient may need.

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