What is drug rehabilitation?

Drug addiction rehabilitation treatment aims to help the addicted person to stop seeking and using drugs.

Treatment and rehabilitation

The Cocal-Quinqué Therapeutic Complex is a Cuban institution that is located on the outskirts of the City of Holguín, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment that offers the possibility of detoxification and rehabilitation of people from all over the world with addictions , in a therapeutic community model. Its recognized prestige in helping drug and alcoholic patients led by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience guarantee a satisfactory rehabilitation together with the social reintegration of patients treated in a minimum time of three months.

In the first week, an evaluation is carried out to determine whether or not to stay in the program and the personalized therapeutic scheme for each patient. Specialized hematological, brain, cardiovascular, plaque and ultrasound examinations are performed. Includes accommodation and food in the facility itself.

In the second stage, with a minimum duration of three months, treatment and psycho-physical rehabilitation are applied.

The patients are housed in comfortable conditions similar to those of a Hotel, in individual rooms, with common areas such as a gym, swimming pool, restaurant and other adequate services for the development of the therapeutic program. They receive personalized attention from doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers and a physical culture specialist who work to change the lifestyles of patients, with the participation of the family.

The dedicated attention of the clinic's specialists seeks for patients to overcome drug dependence in a healthy and drug-free setting, opening them up to a social life that links work, study, recreational, sports and cultural activities.

The essential requirements for the admission of any patient to the clinic are the following:

The companion will remain during the evaluation period and the first week of therapy, exempt from payment only for the first 15 days.

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