The teeth whitening program is carried out with Opalescent Boost 40%, which is a whitening gel with medical power, made of 40% Hydrogen Peroxide. Its components have been shown to reduce susceptibility to cavities, decrease sensitivity and improve enamel microhardness. It can be applied on one or more teeth, on parts of a single tooth, or for full arches, on non-vital teeth, including intracoronary whitening.

It is an alternative and conservative method to treat dark teeth, internally discolored due to disease, wounds or medical treatments, whether due to congenital, systemic, metabolic, pharmacological, traumatic or iatrogenic factors such as dental fluorosis stains, jaundice, tetracycline and other causes.

It is recommended, if there are stained fillings, to change them 2 weeks after the bleaching treatment.

Treated teeth continue to whiten 12 to 24 hours after treatment is completed.

Treatment includes:

Treatment price - $ 200.00 USD

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