What is Pigmentary Retinopathy?

Retinosis Pigmentaria or Retinitis Pigmentosa , as confirmed by the most up-to-date international literature, represents the fourth cause of blindness in the world and the most frequent hereditary degeneration of the retina .

It produces as main symptoms a slow but progressive decrease in visual acuity that in the early stages predominantly affects night vision and the peripheral field, while maintaining central vision

Information on Treatment

The Cuban Program for Evaluation and Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa is focused on the care of patients from all over the world who arrive in Cuba interested in being benefited by a unique therapy that combines revitalizing surgery, electrostimulation, the application of ozone and other procedures.

This Treatment developed in Cuba is revealed as one of the most effective treatments, capable of stopping the progress of the disease. Part of a combined therapy made up of a surgery with a totally Cuban surgical technique (revitalizing surgery), the application of ozone therapy, electrostimulation, vitamin therapy and a therapy based on trace elements.

As evidence of the success of the program, in the more than 10,000 cases attended to date, 78% stopped the progression of the disease, 16% expanded their field and visual acuity.

It is important to note that the treatment is personalized taking into account the stage of the disease, the pathological history of the patient and the criteria of the medical team.

Evaluation and Treatment Program

I. Hospitalization (21 nights)

Hospitalization in a private room, category I with meals included.

Attention of the hospitalized patient assistance doctor (includes visit pass).

Initial evaluation and preparation of medical history

Attention of the hospitalized patient assistance doctor (includes visit pass)

II. Queries

Specialized Retinitis Pigmentosa consultation

Specialized consultation of Internal Medicine

Consultation with an anesthesia specialist

III. Investigations

Basic preoperative investigations:

Complete blood count

Blood group and RH factor







Minimal coagulogram

Chest X-ray


Other Investigations

Complete lipidogram



Ophthalmological Investigations:


Ocular tonometry


Goldman Kinetic Kinetic Perimetry


IV. Proceed Surgical. Anesthesia and recovery

Special technique of Prof. Dr. Orfilio Peláez Molina (general endotracheal anesthesia)

V. Complements

Ozone therapy (14 intravenous sessions)

Electro-stimulus (14 sessions)

The cost of the program also includes:

Reservation at the José Martí Airport in Havana

Transfer by car to the Clinic

Transfer to the José Martí Airport in Havana at the end of the treatment

Cost of Treatment

Price: $ 7 040.00 USD (unaccompanied)

Price: $ 7,880.00 USD (with a companion in full board).



According to the type of operation, the patient must remain in the country for several additional days after graduation, until completing his outpatient treatment.

Programs Include:

Hospitalization of the patient in a private room, bedside medical care and daily visit pass, nursing care, preoperative and postoperative check-up, surgical procedure, intensive and intermediate care after the surgical procedure.


The programs do not include:

Expenses for complications that arise, medications, blood or derivatives that are not included within the proposed program. Internet and telephone expenses that the patient may need.

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