What is Piloactive Shampoo

This shampoo combined with Piloactive Lotion, stimulates the growth and regeneration of the hair, increases blood circulation in the scalp, regulates sebaceous secretion and restores normal hair color.

Contains purified human placental cellulotropins with sanitizing and revitalizing action for the hair. The result obtained with the use of shampoo can be summarized in a general revitalizing action of the hair, which affirms its roots and increases its thickness, reducing flaking, seborrhea and premature baldness.


Indications of use
Alopecia Treatment (universal, areata, androgenic) and Psoriasis Treatment of the scalp.

Method of employment
Wet the hair with running water, and massage the scalp with a generous amount of piloactive shampoo, then rinse. The application is repeated and the shampoo is left to act on the scalp for 5 minutes, then it is rinsed thoroughly. For greater benefit, wash 2 times a week with a 3-day interval.


Presentation of the Medicine

Champú Piloactivo

Presentation:200 to 400 ml plastic bottle

Cost of the Piloactive Shampoo:

Piloactive Shampoo Bottle (235ml): $ 5.10 USD