Diseases of the osteomyoarticular system are one of the most frequent causes of disability that does not allow those who suffer from them to enjoy a full and useful life, both personally and in the environment family or work. The correction of these diseases makes it possible to recover capacities and enjoy a full life.

List of main orthopedic surgery programs

Bone elongation surgery

Lengthening of both tibiae 10 cm

Unilateral knee arthroplasty

Short stay unilateral knee arthroplasty

Cementless hip arthroplasty

Cementless hip replacement

Short-stay cementless hip arthroplasty

Short stay uncemented hip replacement

Knee angular deformity

Hallus valgus surgery


Programs Include:

Hospitalization of the patient in a private room, bedside medical care and daily visitation, nursing care, preoperative and postoperative check-up, surgical procedure, intensive and intermediate care after the surgical procedure.

The programs do not include:

Expenses for complications that arise, medications, blood or derivatives that are not included within the proposed program. Internet and telephone expenses that the patient may need.

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