Dental implant surgery

Program for 1 dental implant:

Evaluative query:

Assessment by multidisciplinary team

Up to two Consultations by the specialist

Panoramic X-ray

Preparation of study model

Cost $ 170.00 USD

Surgical phase:

Pre-operative checkup

Right to operating room

Right to local anesthesia

Preparation of surgical plate

Placement of 1 Implant up to 2

Consultations by the specialist

Cost $ 745.00 USD

Surgical phase for more than 1 implant

From 2 Implants to 5 Implants

Cost $ 700.00 USD per implant

More than 5 Implants

Cost $ 650.00 USD per implant

Prosthetic Rehabilitation :

After 4 to 6 months after the surgical phase, the implants are already sufficiently integrated into the bone to receive the loads allowed by the prosthesis, which can be fixed, removable or a combination of both. You can perform prosthetic rehabilitation in your country of origin but if you prefer, we offer you our services.

The cost of this stage will depend on your particular needs and can be budgeted once you conclude the evaluation consultation.

To perform prosthetic rehabilitation in our country, which requires a stay of approximately three weeks.

If you wish and the Clinic has possibilities, you can stay in it on a lodging basis at a rate of $ 40.00 USD per day with the right to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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