The pediatric medical programs in Cuba focus on harmoniously mixing science and art, where as in no other specialty the doctor-family relationship is so essential, where patience, affection and a smile they are also key to the success of the diagnosis.

Proud, of the national and international recognition of the Cuban School of Pediatrics, "even wrapped in a mystique", Cuban pediatric specialists guarantee the healing of children with a high degree of satisfaction of families in our country and other nations.

In the following list you will be able to consult the different pediatric treatment programs offered in Cuba

List of main Pediatric programs


Removal of tonsils and adenoids


Removal of adenoids

Surgery for congenital bilateral labial fisure

Surgical treatment

Surgery of congenital unilateral labial fisure

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment complete congenital palatial fissure

Surgical treatment


Surgical treatment of chronic otitis in order to eradicate the lesions of the different cavities of the middle ear and mastoids in which the mastoid, the antrum and the middle ear are externalized and form a common cavity with the external auditory canal.

Surgical Treatment Pes Equine Varus Correction

Surgical treatment

Surgery of Unilateral paralytic pes planus

Surgical treatment

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