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antidependecy treatment
Cuba has developed an effective treatment system for the total rehabilitation of people with addictions to different substances like drugs and alcohol.

The program, with more than several decades of experience, is underpinned by a modern approach to Therapeutic Community, guided by a multidisciplinary team led by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and specialists in physical culture, who work to change the styles of Life of patients.

The therapeutic community, as a model of treatment, facilitates the change through self-help through stages of attention for growth, maturation of personality and behavioral reunion that lead the patient to overcome dependence in a healthy setting, with a health system First-rate and state-of-the-art technology.
Note:The prices listed in each medical treatment are the same that the prices officially published by Cuban Medical Services. However, the final cost of a medical program, issued by a medical institution, will always depend on each patient particularity.
Rehabilitation of addictions
Addiction Rehabilitation Program
Addiction Rehabilitation Program: Recycling

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